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Q. How do we know what you include in your price?

A. A fully detailed building schedule and specification is signed with the building contract. We thoroughly go through them in detail so you understand exactly what you getting in your contract.

Q. Design and drafting does this cost me?

A. Design and drafting costs can be an additional cost.

Q. If something goes wrong during the construction period?

A. Sometimes in building your new home there may some issues that need to be resolved. As it is all about you and your new home, if there is an issue we will sit down with you and listen and understand any concerns. With our building business we have built our reputation from happy clients, so it is always our priority to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

Q. What type of Contracts do you use?

A. We currently use the NSW Master Builders contracts.

Q. Do you have house plans we can choose from?

A. No. JBBC is a custom home private builder, we will work with you to help you custom design to create your dream home.

Q. Can I have access to the site during construction?

A. Yes you are able to access the site with the expressed permission and accompaniment of an authorised representative from JB Building. We adhere to a strict safety policy with all of our tradespeople, suppliers and visitors to site. It is imperative that this policy is adhered to throughout the construction process.

Q. Can I discuss or instruct the builder’s sub contractors when I visit the site as pre-arranged?

A. It is better if you do not discuss the work with sub contractors. Any instructions or changes given to sub contractors must only come from your builder. Due to requirements of the builder’s insurance policy, you should not visit the site unless you have permission from the builder.

Q. What type of guarantee will I receive with my new home?

A. We provide an extra guarantee of 3 months maintenance period at handover, All homes are guaranteed against structural defects for the period of 7 years from the date we apply for your Warranty Insurance.

Q. Whose responsibility is it to arrange insurance cover for pre-existing property during building and alterations works?

A. This question is regularly posed by both builders and property owners and the answer is quite simple: it is the responsibility of the property owner to effect and maintain insurance on their property, unless the building contract states otherwise.

Q. What does Public liability insurance for builders cover? 

A. Having public liability insurance is a necessary part of running a business in the building and construction industry. But, like most types of insurance there is no such thing as a standard policy and it is important to ensure that the policy you buy suits the needs of your business.